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Fields of activity


The company is a civil engineering firm working in Haifa Israel since 1977. The main areas of design are for the industrial, public and private sectors. Untill now  more then 4,500 projects have been carried out all over the country




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Company's personnel

.More than 50 civil engineers, administration and assistiance personnel are employed in the firm  .It is known for attracting excellent engineers with second and third academic degrees, directly from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology 

Our chief executive engineer Pe'er Moshe, with his long-lasting experience and expertise, is personally involved in the 

.  construction of every project and is in contact with the clients 

.The other civil engineers have extensive work experience of many years 


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Computerized instrumentation

Our computers are connected using Microsoft network

       All workstations are equipped with the most advanced software: AutoCAD/ Revit 2015 for drawing, EXCEL for general calculations, ATIR, STRAP, MATHEMATICAL SPREADSHEET, STAAD and ANSYS for structural design 
Our firm is the only civil engineering firm in Israel that uses STAAD and ANSYS, which are the leading programs for designing structures with finite element analysis. These programs enable us to conduct global linear/non linear, and local buckling analysis, dynamic analysis for restraining structural vibrations, as well as regular static analysis. ANSYS is considered to be the most advanced tool for finite element analysis for structures, machinery, magnetism etc. It is widely used in the fields of mechanical engineering,   Aeronautics, Electronics etc. Using ANSYS we can perform non-linear analysis, and make geometrical models of complicated non-linear structures composed of linear/non linear materials, and components such as beams, shells, membranes and solids. These  characteristics do not exist in any other program used in the Israeli civil engineering market. Above all, ANSYS is known as one of the most reliable programs in its field, with over 9000 tests and experiments   conducted for each version in order to detect faults and increase its reliability 
. We use ANSYS as a tool for analyzing complex structures and loading that other programs cannot deal with 


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The office

The office is located in downtown  Haifa . The working space is of an area of 500 m² which was designed in a very unique way



 The Clients List



Ministery of Defense, Electricity Company, Rafael ltd. - Armament Development Authority, Maaz - Authority for public works, IDE Technoligies LTD


Housing & Development Company "SHOP", Shimshit association
A. Sh. Shabo + Co., Amirei Nof Carmel, A. Dori, Liberman Co


Public Building
Ezorim, Municipalities and economic companies of the cities Haifa, Ha'carmel, Kiriat Ata, Ma'alot, Nesher, Be'er Sheva, Solel Boneh


Heavy industries
Nesher Projects,Nesher Haifa,Nesher Ramle,Nesher Hartuv, Deshanim Fertilizers & Chemical Ltd, Haifa Chemical Company, Rotem Ampart, Dor Chemical Company, Dor Energy,Ytung Industries, Carmit, Stone and Cement, Quarry, Golani Quarry, Evrot Pipe Industry, Yamaton, Hatachuf, Shladoth, Z.A.G, Hish Technology, Chimovil, C & L, Shemen Oil     Company, Yozma Galil, Dead Sea works, Hamaniah


Food industries
Milobar, Matmor, Milomor, Asam Yaniv, Raanan Marketing, Elite Zfat, Elite Beth-Shemesh, Elite Lod, Blue Band, Strauss, Tnuva, Stibel Mile, Natania Mile, Beer

Sheva Mile, Ein Chai Mile, Man Mile, Davidovitsch Bakery, Alumuot Bakery, Achdoth Bakery, Nasri Neama Bakery, Kfar Hachoresh Bakery, Hipershuk Bakery



Microsoft, Tav Medical, Rafael Ltd, Blade Technology, Insis Ltd 



 Recent Desigh & Construction Projects


Public sector
Haifa athletic stadium, steel construction of the new court in Haifa, prefabricated hi-tech office and laboratory building of 4500 m² building in Rafael, main office building of 9000 m² in Rafael, dining room of 1200 m², Auditorium of 2000 m² in Rafael, Cosmos mall of 5000 m² in Afula, stadium of Kiriat Ata with 130 m roof span, sports hall with roof span of 50/75 m, commercial building of 3600 m² in Kiriat Ata, prefabricated concrete parking building, 10000 m² in Hadassa Hospital in Jerusalem, Dance center in Carmiel Big Carmiel 22,000 m², Big Kiriat Shmone 11,000 m²

Industrial sector
Silo for 40000 tons soya in the Oil Company Shemen, plant for the production of soya protein in the size of 4800 m² in the Shemen Company, Silo for 30000 tons grain in Milobar feed mill, Vehicle service center in the Israel Defense Army, space hangar with span of 62/70 m in Rotem Ampart in the Negev, round hangar of 46 m in Nachal Zin, preliminary design of a dry cement line in Nesher Haifa, feed mill "Assamey Oz" in Ofakim, feed mill in "Exsal" packaging factory for Elite in Zfat, primary design of a hangar for airplanes for the El-Al Company with clear span of 150 m and with heavy craine in the roof, 4X1500 ton crystalliser in Dead sea works. Sand plant in Golani Quarry, Nesher Cement Company - 7 cement mill all over Nesher plants and must of the Silos 


Housing sector
300 rooms hotel in Nazareth in a high building for Ezorim Company. Dozen of prefabricated public kindergartens, Day Care Centers for old and young persons for Solel Boneh Company, fourteen building towers in Psagot Yam for "Shop" Company, 550 different private houses for Shimshit association with the total area of 80000 m², 40000 housing units in Angola for KORA Angola 


Hi Tec
Microsoft Haifa a 3,500 m² building, Insis Carmiel a 3,600 m², Rafael a 9,000 m² Building and a 4,200 m², Blade Technology - R&D department + 50,000 m² New factory at Tefen 



 Way of thinking in the company


Pe'er Moshe engineering company is known for providing unique and innovated solutions for design and construction problems in efficient and money saving ways 
.Throughout 35 working years we have provided design modifications all over Israel



In 1998 a space structure of the International Congress Center in Haifa was completed. It was the most difficult

construction work ever done in Israel. In the design we saved 2,300,000 $ of the original roof design provided by others


In 1995 Nesher Projects -Ramle, a concrete  dome with a 107 m diameter and of a 22 cm thickness was completed. In this design we saved 1,900,000$ from the original design provided by others


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